From being candid and raw, putting myself out there and being just me, a next-door girl, the crazy one, I do have the other side.

The off-social media side. The side that my husband, Yash has to live with every single day! Get up close and personal, as Yash answers how is it living with me – unedited!

Yash unedited answers.

She is crazy! When she is working, she is so engrossed in every little thing she does. If she is cleaning the house, she is cleaning the house with all her heart and soul. She is watching a movie, she is so deep into it. If I ask her to do something else, she will blatantly ignore it!

And she starts dancing randomly, especially in the building lobby when no one is watching, oh, and hits me for no reason.

2. How different is Vishakha in real life than on Instagram?

VERY DIFFERENT. So different from Instagram, she is so much more fun than what she is on her page. All messy, skips shower, never puts on makeup and despite having a massive wardrobe she is always wearing my clothes which are about 10 tees and shirts. (He is lying, he has so much comfortable stuff!). Please ask her to stop wearing my clothes. You know, I don’t follow bloggers but I do know she is way more real on Instagram than some bloggers that keep popping up on my explore page with kilos of makeup and everything fake, there is some real feel to her posts. (I did not bribe him to say that!).

3. Highlight some of her flaws:

EXTREMELY careless and irresponsible. She eats on the bed which I absolutely hate and spills something or the other. Has a dozen of glasses lying around her as she drinks a lot of water, but never picks it up and puts them back. And the day she is shooting is a nightmare, she takes forever to wrap up after a shoot and the house stays messy with her belongings everywhere.

4. Vishakha as a wife?

Sure, good. Caring but doesn’t learn how to make roti. If anyone is reading this please ask her to do so.

5. Vishakha as a friend?

So entertaining keeps talking all day. Free entertainment 24×7

6. Would you describe her as a social media addict or focused to get better and work hard?

Too focused, and I love that about her. That’s all on her mind, how to grow, what to do differently, how to do it. Learning something or the other every day.

7. One thing you’d want to tell Vishakha in public?

I love you. (aww, look at my husband!)

Yash is not very expressive and a person not very good with creative words (engineer after all) so I wasn’t really shocked when he replied with just “Sure, good” on how I am as a wife haha! But I didn’t want to edit anything that he said, unedited and unfiltered.

So well, this is me! Just a little person out there like yourself.

Hey, have you check my last article of quarantine boredom?

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

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Vishakha unfiltered, by Yash Khakhar - Vishakha Sodha

Much love,Vishakha unfiltered, by Yash Khakhar - Vishakha Sodha