If you are a couple, and newly married I am sure everyone would constantly tell you about how it’s the perfect time for you to bond and get closer.

For Yash and I, WE CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE BOSS! And so is the state of a lot of couples out there. Yes, there is love, yes there are cute moments but having a little space and private time is also extremely important.

So I thought of involving a bunch of other couples to see if it is just us fighting on silly things, doing random quarantine trends or there are many others out there. And to no surprise, we are not the only ones.

I did not expect this video to be so much fun and cute but I cannot stop watching it! Watch the video of couples from across India and tell us if you relate to this?

Also, a big thank you to everyone who spent time in making and sending across a video with their spouses:

Jamila and Burhanuddin, Deepak and Aiswarya, Pooja and Shrikant, Arun and Priyanka, Indu and Mahesh, Niti and Sohil, Niraj and Aditi, Parth & Divya, Meera & Taheer, Ronak & Chintan.


Video edit by: Yuvika Mathur

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Until next time,
much love
Quarantined couple untold & unseen stories - Vishakha Sodha