In a non-COVID [non-Quarantine] world, we have always wanted to lock ourselves at home, stare at the wall, binge watch our favourite series, play video games and do nothing else. We finally get to do that and we run out of things to do in just 2 days!

Here are some stay at home things to do to keep yourselves from getting bored [a real quarantine situation, urf]

Travel from home, NOT KIDDING

8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha
provides virtual tours of a number of destinations around the world. Just type the location and experience a 360-degree view of the place you’d want to travel to!

Quarantine Time – Read Away
8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

Toronto bookstores are offering home delivery of books to keep you well-read and entertained.

  • Type Books are offering free delivery to various locations, just mail them on
  • Ben McNally Books are just a call away at 416 361-0032
  • Book City is taking all the precautions by leaving the books on your front stoop and informing the same over the telephone to avoid human contact. Check their website to find the nearest store contact details
Free Workout Apps

8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

A lot of apps have waived their fee to support people wanting to continue workouts at home due to the shut down of gyms and to encourage people to stay home (major respect you guys!)

  • All of Down Dog apps on iPhone including yoga, fitness everything is free till April 1st
  • GOQii is a live streaming app with various coaches live streaming workout, yoga, Zumba etc. on a daily basis with a different topic every 30 minutes available on android and iPhone both
  • I have also been using HealthifyMe to track the calorie intake for free (available for both google play and apple store).
Online Course
8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

There are so many online courses in various fields. Improve your skills in dancing, singing, painting, cooking or learn software like photoshop, lightroom, final cut pro etc. You can also learn calligraphy, a musical instrument and so much more! Name it and it’s there.

A lot of it is also on Youtube so you won’t even have to pay for these, just that you won’t get a certificate for the free courses, but remember, no learning can ever go waste.

8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

With whatever food you have hoarded, try mix-matching and creating new (if possible healthy) recipes every day.

If you have access to a grocery store try different recipes that you thought you would try but the busy schedule never gave you any time to experiment. (please use a mask when stepping out and avoid all human contact, DO NOT touch anyone and wash everything you buy)

Learn a new language
8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

Most of us have wanted to learn a different language but never got the time and patience to do so. How many series or movies would you end up watching? It is going to get dull and you’d need something else to do eventually.

Learn! DuoLingo is one of the most well-known free language learning app, pick a language and master it! You have got all the time in the world (quite literally)

How to make money during ‘Quarantine’

Dig in your wardrobe and click pictures of everything (front and back) on you or on the hanger of every piece of clothing you have not worn in the last two months.
Poshmark is famous in the USA and Canada for selling used clothing/accessories/ footwear etc. For India, try Coutloot
There are many more, but these are some well-know ones in the market). If you belong to another country just google ‘SELL USED CLOTHES ONLINE’ followed by your country or city and find the right app. You can also sell furniture and other things on Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t really need the little pennies, go out and donate it, but get rid of things you don’t need. Remember the 2 months rule.

Virtual tours

8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

Never got time to visit the best Museums or Ripley’s aquarium in Ontario? Do it at home with their virtual tours.

Before I sign off, remember to stay safe, do things right and let’s fight this together!
Things will be okay if we want it to be okay.

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8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha

*Pictures are either clicked by Sasha or screenshots from website of brands I am talking about!
*None of the mentions in this blog are a paid advertisement*

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8 ways to fight quarantine boredom - Vishakha Sodha