Last week, I opened my blog to the readers to share their work. Here are 3 beautiful poems from different writers, Saaima Qureshi, Shrushti doshi and Amogh patil.

A storm within me, by Saaima Qureshi.

A storm within me
An unexplainable, undefinable,
each second, each minute, each hour 
growing like a hurricane, 
What does fate have in plan for me?
wish an angel someday,
could answer,
unfortunately, doubtedly
can it even hear??!

I know 
I can hold
I can fold,
No matter what, 
I promise myself, 
To be bold.

Bold enough, to;
To swim through the hurricane, the storm,
That is flourishing inside me. 
Uncertain is though it’s outcome,
It may build me,
or Break me
in a way I could never
be back to what I am

Let it Break me, Destroy me 
at its best. 
And still I will stand up, 
though knowing its an endless fight.
But I will never let it win,
whether it is a dawn or dusk,
I will always be a fighter….

I believe, I fight or I die,
No matter what my  fellows think,
Anyways I won’t give them a thought 
for they have never ever brought,
good, or anything better 
And so, it will from now  
never matter

Even if I am broken or teared,
I will mend myself, 
again and again and once again, 
Let the storm begin,
It needs to begin,
It needs to be poured out 
Even if it destroys me,  my thoughts or my dreams 

Let it begin 
for its Now or Never.

Hope, by Shrushti Doshi

No, this is not the end
This is the beginning of the end…

The sins done are echoing back,
Our agony is the mirror for that

We are all here with a lease,
The divine will always remind us of this

It’s time to take a step,
To fight for the rights

For those who can’t speak,
For those who can’t breathe

Enough of Enlightenment,
Enough of inhumanity 

All we demand is,
Love, peace and some places to coexist 

Let’s make everyone believe,
That there’s Hope which, Humanity seeks!

Do you trust me?, by Amogh patil

Do you trust me? He asked her.
Yes I think so, she replied.
What do you mean you think so? He asked.
What do you mean by trust you? She said.
I mean would you say yes to my next request?
You will ask anything, she said.
He didn’t say anything.
She said what happened? as he remained silent.
He replied… nothing I just got my answer.

To Forget Her

He did every possible thing 
he could to forget her
first he began with 
deleting every text he had of hers 
and her Emails
He deleted every picture of her.
He threw away her gifts.
He then even deleted his own Email-Id and discarded his own number so she won’t be able to get in touch with him again.
He changed his address.
Every friend who might lead him back to her 
he began to get rid of.
And even after years 
Here he is standing in a way
which leads to her
Still trying to forget her number
And every detail of her face
Her lips her eyes and smile
And every inch of her body
he ever touched.

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