Hey hey, girls! Makeup all times? I hope you have read the previous blog? Everything about lingerie by Saili. And this one here, is Everything about make up – basics by AminaBefore you start reading, a little about Amina (so you know it is coming from a reliable source!) She has prepped me for various shoots, and also holds classes to teach make – up. With years of experience and learning from mistakes, she is now a pro. She has picked basic make up mistakes that we all do (Me too!) and derived to some easy ways to rectify it. Let’s get our make-up game strong gurrrlsssss!

Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha

Don’t: Apply shimmer all over your eyelid. This will not define your eyes.
Do: With a brush or fingertip and start by applying shimmer from the inner corner of your eyes, moving toward the end, covering only 3/4th of your lid. Use matte shades (preferably dark) to define your eyes in the remaining 1/4th area of the lid Then blend it in, to avoid sharp edges.

Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha

Makeup on-point, a Must Mascara 
Don’t: Dip the wand in product and coat your lashes, this will make your lashes look clumpy and artificial.
Do: Remove excess mascara from your wand and start the application from the root, wiggle your wand side by side to the tip. This will give you natural-looking voluminous lashes. Curl your lashes before mascara for that extra Oomph!

Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha

Don’t: Close or stretch your eyes while applying liner as this can distort the shape of your liner and hence the eyes.
Do: Keep your eyes open and follow your lash line, gliding on the liner to get the perfect eye shape. Continue to keep your eyes half-open, follow your water line and pull the liner upwards for that perfect wing.

Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha

Don’t: While using the product for your base (Corrector, Foundation, Concealer), do not rub or pull it against your skin just to spread the product. This just moves the product and does not give that flawless finish.
Do: Dab the product int your skin. Use blending sponge or flat brush for a flawless look.

Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha

Don’t: Applying highlighter all over your face. It will make you look sweaty instead of glowy.
Do: Use highlighter only on the areas where light reflects on your face i.e your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, brow bone, Cupid’s bow (You can even stand facing the light and check ). Once you are done, use the same brush which has the leftover product on it and dust it on your chin. And Tada!! Shine away, baby!

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Quick tip: Don’t forget to keep your skin healthy during winters for the make-up to look perfect. Read more on Winter Skincare

About Amina
Amina has been in the make up industry for over 4 years now. She believes it is a pleasure to make people feel beautiful and confident via make up. She has dressed up several brides and models for high fashion shoots.

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Makeup 101

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Makeup 101 - a perfect read - Vishakha Sodha