I have been STRUGGLING with weight loss! And I am sure a lot of you are, so this month I have two blog posts for everyone trying to get it right.This one is in association with Mamta Dagar from Shape and You helping us avoid weight loss mistakes.

“Like the sun rising in the East, the number on my weight scale keeps on rising higher and higher lowering my self-esteem” if this is you, read along!

Weight loss is a trend that is being followed by a lot of people. However many people do complain about not being able to lose enough weight as much as they wish for or even gaining a lot of weight. So let’s find out what could the possible reasons that you are not being able to lose weight.

Binge Eating

0% Weight Loss – A Quick Real Life Tour - Vishakha SodhaMany people when failing to lose as much weight as they wish for often start eating more and more out of guilt and end up binge eating. This further increases their weight and they get into a cycle of guilt and binge eating again and again.

Zero Activeness

0% Weight Loss – A Quick Real Life Tour - Vishakha SodhaLike machines require regular use to avoid rusting our body too needs to be active to stay fit. Failing to give your body a proper amount of exercise and activeness results in weight gain which furthermore makes an individual lazy and lethargic.

Excessive Alcohol [Zero Weight Loss]

Most of the alcohols like beer, wine, etc, are high on calorie content. Consuming excessive alcohol on a regular basis often leads to gaining weight. Furthermore while drinking people often eat a lot of ‘chakna’ which adds to the number of calories being consumed and makes it difficult for us to lose weight.

Relying too much on diet plans

0% Weight Loss – A Quick Real Life Tour - Vishakha SodhaStudies have shown that people who rely too much on diet plans often end up gaining more weight in the long run. Initially, it may help on a temporary basis, but with time people fail to follow such strict routine and with an increase in their number of cheat days, their weights also increase.

I feel one should more concentrate on getting a healthy and fit body rather than just over trying to lose weight without any specific goal. Love your body and for sure you will get better results.

About Mamta

A sports nutritionist and a fitness Influencer, Mamta writes about health, nutrition, lifestyle. She has worked with more than 500 women and helped them on their fitness journey.

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Losing Weight

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0% Weight Loss – A Quick Real Life Tour - Vishakha Sodha