Let’s keep the whole ‘women are equal to men’ aside for 10 mins, and talk about women. [Imperfect Warriors Journey]

She gained so much weight!!
She is so skinny.
She is so dark.
She is so fair, she got some treatments done I am sure.
Oh look, she is now with a different guy.
She says she never dated anyone, I am sure she is a piece of big lie!
She left her career for her kids.
She did not even leave her work for her kids.

Imperfect Warriors Journey

We say we are in a fight for becoming better than men or at least equal to. But what about the unsaid fight we, as women have with other women. We go through periods, pregnancy, being looked upon by men on streets like we are edibles and so much more.

  • And who else but a woman can understand this? But we still prefer competition over community, we still prefer laughing on and judging someone with our constant judgement and remarks.
  • We are lucky that we do not live in a world our mothers or grandmothers lived in, we do not have to go through things they did. But we as women, have other women judging us, we are mean. For some strange reason, it is just not acceptable when we are being us, the candid us.
  • And it is this constant judgement by other women that makes us show the other side that we are not, the fake side, the side that is just not us. Of course we should stop being bothered about what they say but why say it? Instead of judging someone on something, why not speak to them if everything is okay, if she has health problems, if she needs help, if she is going through something?

Instead of being a ‘Fake it till you make it girl’, you’d rather be flawless with the imperfections. We cry, we gain weight, we lose weight, we have acne, we get periods, we have stretch marks, we make wrong decisions, we are lazy, we are everything but what we are not supposed to be, is trying to fit in. We are beautiful, we do ourselves like no one else.

Tell her it will be okay,
Tell her you are there,
Tell her you will listen when the world shuts her away.
If you see a period spot on the back of her dress, tell her!
If she has lipstick on her teeth, tell her!
If you see her bra strap, tell her you like the colour. It’s god damn ok if the strap is visible!

  • Support, be there and stop judging.
  • Community over competition.
  • This is our life, be proud.

Your flaws are your weapons, they make you different.

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Imperfect warriors

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Much love.
Imperfect warriors [100% Inspiring Women] - Vishakha Sodha