It’s that time of the year to wrap your fingers around that hot cocoa filled mug. The slightest nip in the air means it is time to get back to our favourite cafes serving the best hot chocolate.

The Wicked Soul, aka The Wicked Coffee,  aka the best coffee video content instagrammer, Ashfina has done some ground work for you and shared a list that includes the Top 10 cafes serving some of the best lip-smacking hot chocolate in Mumbai.  And no, we aren’t talking about Bournvita or Cadbury powdered hot milk but pure love made with chocolate.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha


Fabelle is one of the best kept secrets in the Hot Chocolate universe. The Hot chocolate here is unlike anything you have tried before. Made from single origin cacao, it is decadently thick, rich and irresistible. I recommend that you try the Spiced Hot Chocolate, 67% dark Madagascar chocolate infused with Indian spices and topped with Truffled French Chantilly cream.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha


Topping the list is this quaint café located in the bylanes of Kala Ghoda, Fort and Reclamation, Bandra. Made using the finest Belgian chocolate -Callebaut, they truly know their way to a chocolate lover’s heart. Not only Belgian, but they also serve Caramel and After Nine (Mint) hot chocolate variants. We can see you drooling already?

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

La Folie

A strong contender of hot chocolate, they serve Single origin Venezuelan (70% dark chocolate), poured from the kettle right in front of your eyes. It’s so thick you can actually scoop it. Oh, and do not be embarrassed to scrape the bottom of the cup.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha


We agree this café is known for its crepe and organic salad but they also do have an envious cup of Hot chocolate. It takes a long time to get your order but it is so good that you wouldn’t mind waiting for it. Homemade dark hot chocolate will make you weak in your knees. Beware, it gets heavy so head over here on an empty belly.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Chocolate San Churro

Let’s be honest, making hot chocolate is not rocket science but a fine art. And who does it better than San Churro. This dessert parlor has been serving some great chocolaty desserts for years now, but with Hot chocolate they simply mastered the game. Spanish Hot chocolate, Coverture hot chocolate (Dark, milk & white), it has variants available to make everyone happy. (Picture: San Churro Zomato)

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Ellipsis Bakery

This place is difficult to find, but our love for hot chocolate didn’t stop us from scouting this literally hidden gem. Located in the BMC Asphalt compound, this charming artisanal bakery whips up fresh breads and baked goodies including a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Do ask for an add on of marshmallows. 

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Food for thought

Kitab Khana: Moving up the south, this little café tucked in the book store Kitab Khana, Fort is a perfect hangout if you’re looking to spend some Me time reading a book over a warm cup of hot cocoa. Hot chocolate here is impossibly thick and unbelievably divine, consider yourself warned.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Aromas Café

This is an underrated café on the coffee scene. They offer straight choices of hot chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate. The latter is a rather refreshingly unique version of hot chocolate. It is a simple yet delicious cup to sip on during those winter chills.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Grandmama’s Café

This café is one of the most instagram’s café for its pretty walls and cute decors. But when it comes to food it lacks the punch. The saviour here is Italian hot chocolate; thick and dark hot chocolate topped with marshmallows is a safe bet if you are in or around.

Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

Coffee by Di Bella

Well, it was disheartening to place this café at the bottom of the list. But what helped it to barely make the list is the variants they offer on hot chocolate; Nutella, hazelnut, Mint chocolate, Caramel, Peanut butter and so on. It’s not as rich and thick as we prefer but it’s not half as bad

So, which one is your top most favourite? 

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Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha

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Hot spots for hot chocolate - Vishakha Sodha