Hello bored people! I am right back with more tips to be fit during the lockdown. Did you know, your houses have dumbbells and weight replacements and we can perform all the gym workouts at home itself? Read along to find out how, and many more tips and suggestions to stay fit.

This blog is in regards to my live stream with Coach Parwage on Instagram sharing his knowledge to stay fit during the lockdown. I have picked out all the important questions and answers from the live them below and also added a few links for workout ideas, hope you all enjoy it!

Replace weights and dumbbells in various ways:
– Water bucket
– Stuff a backpack with clothes or other items to increase weight. Use it as a kettle weight or dumbbells or just wear it on for lunges, squats etc
– If you have a child at home, get them on your shoulder for your push-ups

2. How to keep kids active during the lockdown

Play physically active games. An hour at the gym could be about 600 calories, but playing with kids at home is way more. If you are wanting to coach your kids or workout with them, click here for a parents and kids workout routine.

3. Other options than working out

Dance, Home Cleaning, Zumba

4. Should we avoid sitting in air conditioned rooms after workout?

Yes, our body heats up when we work out and hence we do cool down exercises post workout to gradually reduce the temperature back to normal. Being a cold room will drastically drop the temperature and this causes soreness in muscles.

5. What are some replacements for cardio or outdoor jogging/ running
Home Workout – 2020 Quarantine Benefits - Vishakha Sodha

Quick home cardio routine:
40 seconds of jumping jacks, skipping rope, mountain climber, horizontal jumping, front jump jog back with 20 seconds of rest between each. Repeat this about three to four times. It will help improve strength and stamina and gives better performance when you get back to jogging and cardio

6. How many kilometres should one run every day

Start with 3-4 days a week for 20-25 mins to become fit. Then increase the capacity and the distance goal by 10% every week. For instance, you covered 2km in week 01 within 20-25 mins, in week 02 try covering 2.2km within 20-25 mins.

7. Workout for kidney patients

Avoid workouts involving a lot of jumps. Skipping is allowed as it has a very minimal level of jumping. Keep your body hydrated to avoid pressure on kidneys.

8. How to reduce face fat?

Video tutorial for face workout, click here

9. Food before workoutHome Workout – 2020 Quarantine Benefits - Vishakha Sodha
10. Work out tips for older people

It totally depends on the medical condition of the elderly. Start a beginner level workout with 5 squats, wall push ups, walking, stretching etc. Lunges are not advised for people with vitamin D deficiency as it leads to degeneration of knee joints resulting in pain. Please check with the doctor before starting any kind workouts.

11. Alternative workout to burpees

Burpees should be avoided if you are not sure about the posture. It is a high-intensity workout and if not done right, you can injure your back. You can replace it with jumping jacks and skipping.

12. Spot reduction: myth or fact

Spot reduction is a myth. When you are working out your entire body fat is burning and the results will be visible on the entire body. Parwage explains this with a simple example: if you are boiling milk in a vessel, you cannot expect just one portion of the milk to boil, the entire milk in the vessel boils together. Works the same with our bodies.

13. Should we continue to workout if we have sore muscles?

People usually get confused between sweet pain and soreness. If it is just sweet pain where the unused muscles start getting used, continue working out the next day. In case of soreness, take a day off.

About Parwage

An Athlete, soccer player, and Pole Vault champion, an ACSM certified Marathon Trainer and Ultra Marathoner, parallelly a yoga Trainer as well. Parwage holds certifications in GAIT analysis (ACSM), Functional Rehab Training Program (Back Pain) (IHFA), Functional Rehab Training Program (Untold Facts of Functional Training) (IHFA).

He is also a certified Kids fitness trainer where he guides kids as per their age bar to improve their fitness level. With years of success and experience, he is capable of analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. Most plans include healthy eating and exercise, to ensure the best results. Parwage Instagram | Youtube

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Home Workout – 2020 Quarantine Benefits - Vishakha Sodha