From “There are millions of blogs out there. What’s the point of writing another one?” to “My blog could stand out from others and catch the attention of readers…” I have been juggling between the two thoughts for a long time now, on whether to blog or not to blog, to vlog or not to vlog; my indecisive mind has finally made a decision, and here I am! 

First things first, what to expect when you are here: While I will try my best to keep up on the quality, I will also do everything to keep the quantity as brief as possible. (No one likes reading never ending blogs!) Starting with my all-time love for traveling which has been very evident on my Instagram feed already, with my blog I can help you with tips on how you can explore the world better, cheaper (my Gujarati instincts to the rescue :P), and smarter.  I would also be talking about lifestyle and tiny bit of fashion (I am not some big fashion stylist, but what I know is: COMFORT CLOTHING) and that’s exactly what you’ll see! No stuffing your body in tight corsets or getting uncomfortable wearing layers of make-up. Also, since I have been working toward getting fitter for years now, with 15kgs of weight loss, I would be sharing my personal health and fitness goals, easy diet hacks, skincare tips and all that can help you inculcate a healthier lifestyle. 

Moving on, you would see some collaborations where I would be inviting a few guests to blog about their expertise.

And lastly a sneak peek into my personal life and getting to know the other side of Vishakha, one blog at a time. Now that you know what you expect, let’s talk about what not to! A long listicle on how to style your boring white t-shirt or rock your look this summer, is something that is written about a zillion times and you don’t want to read it anymore!  Long blocks of text that are hard to digest or anything that’ll doze you off is definitely off the charts because to be honest, I don’t read them myself! 

Lastly, I would love to know your feedback on my blogs, share some love, tell me things you’d want to know about and would want to read on the comments below or simply DM it to me on Instagram. And don’t forget the drill: Subscribe, share and comment.

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Until the next blog,
Much love,  

Here I am! - Vishakha Sodha