Having a healthy lockdown? If not, here’s a blog you could benefit from! I recently hosted a live stream on my Instagram with my nutritionist Kejal Sheth, the person behind Nutrivity to answer frequently asked questions about diet plans, weight loss, weight gain etc.

2. Health care tips for busy people?

Eat home-cooked food. While eating outside, pick healthy options like idli, salad, fresh juice without sugar and avoid fried and unhealthy items. Store food like nuts, seeds like pumpkin chia, trail mix packs etc. to munch on the go to stay full and energetic.  Prioritise portion control, eating timings and what meal.

3. Diet tips during the Corona lockdown/healthy options to eat during the quarantine period/how to not gain weight while being lockdown due to coronavirus

Prefer cooked meals over raw. Eat the daily essential meals consisting of roti, sabji, dal and rice with curd or buttermilk to improve immunity. Munch of nuts and fruits instead of chips and unhealthy snacks.Healthy Diet

4. Is milk good for bedtime?

It will calm your system and give you an energy boost with a good night’s sleep. Combination of protein with milk helps your body recover.

5. PCOS weight loss tips

80% of girls don’t even know they have PCOS. Hormonal imbalance should not be taken lightly and it requires a proper diet and workout. A personal diet is advisable over a regular plan to meet specific body needs.

6. Does starvation diet help for weight loss?

Starvation diets work like a yoyo where the weight comes and goes. A cleansing diet is better to avoid the Plateau (meaning: if you are stuck at the same weight for a long time). Do not deprive your body of nutrition and consult an expert for a cleansing diet according to your body type. Connect with Kejal to get a personalised cleansing diet plan.Healthy Diet

7. How to avoid acidity during fasting days?

Consume a lot of water. Buttermilk is the best idea to avoid acidity. Add tulsi leaves, and jeera to it. Avoid sabudana in the later half of the day and replace it with saama or rajgira roti with fruits.

8. Vegetarian food items to combat B12 deficiency?

A lot of dairy food like milk, buttermilk, milk products, seeds – pumpkin, chia. Use supplements with doctors advice (do not opt for supplements on your own).  Get checked once in 6 months. Vitamin b12 fortified cereal options are really good as well.

9. Is it okay to consume fruits in the second half of the day?

There is no right and wrong timing to eat fruits. In fact, replace late-night munchies with fruits. They are filling, high on nutrition and give an instant boost of energy. If you have any issues like diabetes, cholesterol bp etc. check with your nutritionist before consuming fruits.

10. Food for hair and skin

Healthy Diet
11. Tips to gain weight?

Do it right, avoid maida, sugar, sauces and fried food. They make you gain weight but in an unhealthy way. Opt for dairy (cheese, paneer, butter) and protein items like egg whites, tofu, soya etc. Fruits, dry fruits, roasted soya bean, nuts, seeds. Vegetables that help you bulk up like potato, cauliflower, cabbage (try vegetable stuff paratha, whole wheat vegetable sandwich, wraps etc.). Banana smoothie, fruit bowls and other fruit platters.

12. Ways to increase D3 

Spend good time in sunlight, calcium and vitamin-D work together for strong bones.
Calcium absorption increases d3 so it’s always a good idea to add calcium sources like dairy, paneer, tofu, chia seeds, dark green leafy veggies to the diet. Non-vegetarian items like egg yolk and fish are great for D3 as well.

I have also written about the reasons you are not losing weight, read the blog here

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12 Healthy Diet: Do’s and Don’ts - Vishakha Sodha

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12 Healthy Diet: Do’s and Don’ts - Vishakha Sodha