My last blog about 22 things that went wrong in 2020 from Jan to June had me thinking, is it only bad happening around the world? Are there absolutely no good things happening this year? And without even searching that on Google, I came up with things that made me smile this year:

  1. Families got closer, old friends connected and it was beautiful to see people sharing screenshots on their Instagram stories. I am sure it was annoying to some, but personally, I loved the overflow of everyone connecting for group calls, online games, working out together and so much more!
  2. The world united when numerous people volunteered to provide food and supplies to those in need, the ones who couldn’t help, pitched in monetarily. A lot of white and brown people joined the protest to support the black community and put an end to racism, it is beyond magical
  3. Influencers used their power to educate their audiences #blacklivematter, support the small business, collect donation for various causes, spread awareness about the lockdown. Positivity was flowing all over the web
  4. With everyone being locked at home, reducing even the basic physical daily activity was unhealthy and a lot of fitness apps made their services free for over 3 months. Educational brands volunteered as well by offering free courses to make the right use of so much free time by learning something new
  5. Broadcasters going live from their houses were video-bombed by their kids/ pets, some unintentionally revealed wearing blazers on top and pyjamas in the bottom were just hilarious! The world was laughing and enjoying the same things
  6. Most of us learned cooking, makeup or lost weight

If you are wondering why things are going wrong, why is your life not on the right track, but if you are reading this right now, it means you surely have an internet connection and a phone. So I am assuming if you can spend on a phone and an internet connection, you will have food to eat, a roof to stay and clothes to wear. Look around, those are luxuries for a lot of people in the world right now.

Stop complaining, start being thankful with what you have and work for what you want to achieve.

On that note, good things happen to good people.

If this still doesn’t bring a smile to your face, watch this 🙂

Yash and I usually indulge in watching funny videos and have a good laugh before heading to bed!

P.S: Some are here, read now! 

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Good things 2020

Until next time,
Much love.
2020 - Wrong Things