The Journey, India to Canada

We got married and were all set to pack our bags by January 2019 and head off to either the USA or Canada.

Yash’s Canada PR application started in early 2018 and I have lost count on how long the US visa application was going on for. For us, it was forever!

We heard nothing from either of the countries for 8 months. That was 8 months of staying home for Yash. 8 months that got squandered for a guy in his late 20’s, a time to get promoted, set career goals, plan his future, but he had no alternative but to stay back home and wait for a country to accept him.

Why not Mumbai? Why stay at home? Why not take up a temporary job?

Well, we had no idea when would we get a confirmation, and getting an automobile job in India for Yash implies relocating from Mumbai to another city, for a job that would pay him peanuts compared to his job profile and salary in states. On the other hand, relocating to another city would not only empty our pockets but what if we move and we get a confirmation on our visa? So we decided to wait till we didn’t get final confirmation or even a rejection.

Alongside, My business, my shoots and everything that I set up for so many years was advancing. I was not ready to leave any of it and move out, I was scared. (For those of you who think I only survive on Instagram photos, I don’t. Know more).

July 2019

Finding a home, away from home - Vishakha Sodha

Trump played his cards, and Yash’s work visa in States was rejected after spending over 6 years in Michigan, USA. Education followed with a job, a house, a car, loads of friends and memories of growing in his 20’s was all washed out with that one email which took over a year of waiting and a legal dispute that was filed by Yash’s company in his favor against the US government. Canada which was a back-up plan was now Plan-A and we had no option but to wait for it.

We were yet to hear back from Canada. Our days passed worrying about our future, Yash’s career that was almost ruined, hoping the wait for Canada would have a better result unlike the one for States.

September 2019
We received the very first mail from Canada. A. day before we left for our much-awaited honeymoon, which we delayed in wait for our visa confirmation.

Yash was the primary applicant and he added my name as his spouse to his application on January 1st, 2019 and with his marital status change, the process was extended and we didn’t hear from Canada for 9 months. But here it was, finally, a ray of hope. We had to submit additional documents, medicals, etc.

2 months later:
November 4th, 2019

Finding a home, away from home - Vishakha Sodha

We got our one-time entry stamp for Canada PR by the second week of November

November 23rd, 2019
2018, same date Yash had moved back to India from the States. 1 year of wait, stress, anxiety, loss of hope later, we were at the airport with our loved ones boarding the 10:50 pm Cathay Pacific to start a new life.

This one year, was a turmoil. A year that got the worst side of us out to our partners in this bad time. A year full of anxiety and depression. The year, a newly wedded couple went to their honeymoon 9 months after their marriage, waiting for their visa. A year we wasted. 365 days of our lives were gone.

On the other hand, this same year taught us patience, taught us to support and understand each other in this bad time. A year that made me who I am today, from 0 knowledge in household chores to someone who can handle it all. One year of staying with in-laws, one year of bonding that we wouldn’t have had if we moved out within a month post marriage. Yash, who had moved to another country post his 12th grade and the maximum time he could spend with his parents was about 3 weeks in the whole year, and sometimes not even that. We spent a year of festivities, birthdays and anniversaries, weddings, parties, and togetherness.

After all, good things happen to good people.

Until next blog,
Much Love,
Finding a home, away from home - Vishakha Sodha

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