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As growing teens, we have never been taught about wearing the right type of lingerie.

Most of our moms casually went bra shopping for us, got the size she assumed would fit us, basic non padded, non- wired aunty looking white bras were then handed over to us.

Saili & I had the same case, and while we discussed this, she actually spent time and looked far and wide to assemble a beginner’s handbook to navigating certain aspects of lingerie that will help you keep your outfit absolutely spot on.

Every woman has a different build – different sized breasts, butt, gut- you name it, it is all different. This blog explores some lingerie must haves necessary for every woman for any and all types of clothing.

Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha
Seamless bra
  • Go with all types of clothing without being visible
  • These bras make an outfit look more elegant and classier by not creating any form of creases
  • A t-shirt bra is a kind of seamless bra that is not padded, but molded, for a rounder look
  • If padded bra makes you uncomfortable as it appears bulkier so this is the perfect alternative for a padded or a
    push-up bra
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Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha
  • Lace is a fabric of elegance. Wearing a lacy bralette underneath shirts and dresses will not only make the outfit fall
    look perfect but also add a hint of sexiness
  • Bralettes for small breasts, while lace bras can be an option for the bustier ones
  • Lace bras provide the support that bralettes won’t
  • Can also be used as a crop top with a jacket or throw over
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Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha
Demi Cup
  • Perfect replacement if a push up bra makes you uncomfortable
  • They provide support, and perk up your breasts without adding any extra padding
  • For bustier women, full support bras are the one to go with. They offer all-round support and coverage
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Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha
Strapless bras
  • If the molding, padding or the underwire makes it uncomfortable then one can try a bandeau bra to keep those nips undercover
  • Stick-on bras are an excellent choice for backless clothing but bigger breasts can make it harder for them to stay on
  • At such times, one can try opting for a lace bra or a bra with transparent back strap as this makes it look more appealing
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Now a quick run through of a bunch of fancy bras that are suited for particularly carved clothing:Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha

  • Plunge bras are great for deep necklines
  • Convertible bras are a very versatile choice as it allows you to modify the straps or get rid of them completely depending on the outfit
  • Longline bras are ones that start right above your belly-button and act as a corset for fitting tops. These are also great to use under transparent clothing when you don’t want to wear a slip underneath
  • Camisoles or camis are the last of this list. These are elegant and sexy and can be used as a slip or as a top on its own
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Secondly, underwear. There isn’t much to talk about in this section. This is because most clothing is compatible with any kind of underwear you’re comfortable with. However, there are two options for when the bottoms pose a threat to ruin your outfit.Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha

  • Seamless underwear is the one without visible seams on the edges. These prove helpful while wearing body hugging bottoms and give a sleek look to the outfit
  • These are available in a number of different styles so you can choose one that you’re comfortable in
  • Thongs or G-strings are a stand-in for seamless underwear. Though these are uncomfortable when you are new to this, but they work quite well
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There is a whole world of lingerie to be uncovered, although I myself haven’t gotten there yet; you can start your exploration from now. That was it for the first part. This is the basic information that women should know when it comes to their undergarments. The second part will be soon.

Saili Prabhu is an aspiring content writer with a knack for exploring and a curiosity for learning anything that catches her eye. She has a keen love for fashion, beauty and self-care and relays her knowledge through her words in the most intriguing way.

Until next blog,
Much love,
Dressing right with Saili - Vishakha Sodha

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