It’s been 6 months since I moved to Canada and I have lost count on the number of people who have called me to know more about, the moving process, work culture, job availability etc. So here are all your questions answered about Canada’s work culture and how is it different from that in India.

1. References

References play a MAJOR role when it comes to hiring and hence, networking is extremely important. More the people you know, the higher are your chances to get hired. Various agencies help you get connected with the people in companies you are applying at and charge a minimal percentage after you get a job in return for their services.

2. No work is looked down upon

We are all aware of how blue-collar and labour jobs are looked down upon and always considered as a lower class. In Canada, it is very common to work in supermarkets, in warehouses, drive an uber or do such odd jobs to earn a little extra or while waiting to get a job. It is not embarrassing, and equal respect is given to someone who has a corporate job or a labour intensive blue-collar job.

3. Canadian work experience

Canadian experience in your resumes is not extremely necessary but it does give your brownie points. It depends on the field you are working in. But you will have to start with a base minimum salary and then work your way to the top which is not as difficult as in India as there is little to no office politics here.

4. Office politics

From my personal experience and from what I have heard from people in Canada, people here have no interest in office politics. Canadians, in general, are very polite and peace-loving and would rather mind their own business. Something completely opposite to the Indian culture.

5. No Micro-management

If you have Indian work experience you’d know the feeling of hiding your computer if you are on youtube, reading the news or doing anything apart from work. Our bosses/ managers are used to keeping a check on micro-level on who is doing what and they wouldn’t entertain if an employee is doing anything but work.

In Canada, no one gives a damn until you finish your assigned work. How long your lunch break is, how many times you go out for a coffee, or you are watching youtube, none of this matters till you meet your deadlines and do quality work.

6. Work-life balance

Indians are used to spending most of their time working and travelling to and fro work. We often find ourselves stressed with work while at home or even on weekends. In Canada, companies would do everything to make their employees feel relaxed with fun activities, annual gift cards for spa and salons, trips to the arcade centre/ parks etc., bonus amount for recreational activities or gym memberships.

7. Language skills

Along with English, French is very commonly used. If you are looking at moving to cities apart from Toronto, I’d suggest you check on the local language. For example, in Montreal, french speakers are more than English speakers making it a must to learn the basics of french. Even in Toronto, knowing French is not mandatory but knowing basics is always a cherry on top.

8. Personal growth

Indian employers might or might not give enough attention to what your personal goals are. They’d expect you to work on your duties for the assigned job. Whereas, in Canada employers spend time in understanding your personal and career goals and help you in achieving the same, resulting in personal and professional growth.

The Indian job culture is improving gradually, but after I experienced the job culture here, I wouldn’t be able to fit in an extremely monitored work environment in India. 

So if work is one reason that is bothering your decision, drop your worries and start applying for Canadian PR. To know more about the PR process, read this.

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8 reasons Canada’s work culture is better than India - Vishakha Sodha

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8 reasons Canada’s work culture is better than India - Vishakha Sodha