I have always heard how spectacular the healthcare system in Canada is, but this time around, I experienced it myself. I was down with a high fever, body ache and a bunch of other things that made me sick and weak (No guys, not COVID, nope). With COVID lockdown still on, I was unsure of how the whole process will go, but I was pretty impressed with the entire procedure. When you move to Canada with your PR (Permanent Residency), you are supposed to register with Health Ontario, a quick hassle-free process. Walk into their office, fill a form and you are done! Post that, you receive your health card via mail. All your healthcare-related expenses are now covered with this health card. Doctor visits, medical check-ups, pregnancy & deliveries etc. is all free. You don’t have to pay a single penny. The clinic/ hospital will just note down your health card details to record your visit information and that’s about it! Canada’s health care system is publicly financed and the doctors are reimbursed by the government.

Healthcare Canada

I walked into a nearby clinic and looked around the place. Spic & span and every little care was  taken to ensure safety and hygiene. Since it was my very first visit, they took down my details. They informed me that the doctor was not available but I will receive a call within the next hour.

Without any delay, we received the call from the doctor, my symptoms were noted down and she asked for a nearby drug store location. For safety purposes, the medicine details were directly faxed to the drug store. On arrival, our medicines were kept ready.

The entire process was so smooth, quick, error-free and well-coordinated. As for me, I am all well and back to work. Hope all of you are keeping well as well.

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