This blog has been long due, but here is everything you need to know before and after applying for Permanent Residency (PR) for Canada via Express Entry.

It is a little lengthy, but I have covered every little information there could be. Also, if you are not a reader, I have also explained the entire thing in a video format (scroll down to the end)

I wouldn’t advise you to pay the agents in thousands and lakhs to get this done. Go through the blog and feel free to leave comments if you have any doubts, or you can send me a DM on my Instagram (hyperlink my page)

  1. Check Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for PR eligibility

    Before spending Rs. 12,000 for IELTS exam, it is ideal to check if you are eligible to apply. Factors like age, qualification, language proficiency, work experience plays a strong role along with your IELTS score. Check your score here

    Fill in approx scores for IELTS depending on your english proficiency. Then, compare your score to the latest cut off score here. This will give you a clear idea of your chances to get through.

2. IELTS exam [Canada]
  • Classes vs Online learning
    Depending on your language proficiency, you can decide if you want to take up classes for IELTS or learn from YouTube. There are over a thousand videos up there to help you prepare. But if your CRS score really needs a boost, I’d suggest you take up classes to increase your chances.
  • Exam Modules
    Speaking: Speaking test will be held on a different day, at a different location. It will be a mix of general conversation where they would ask you about yourself 
    Writing: You will be scored on 1 essay and 1 letter writing. Read as much as you can to improve your writing skills.
    Reading: Read passages and answer multiple choice question
    Listening: An audio will be played. You will be provided with a sheet related to the audio where you will need to fill in the missing information.
  • Booking
    Book your exam here
  • French exam (optional)
    If you know french, it will help you increase your score. You need to give a separate exam for the same. TEF Canada is the only approved platform for French exam for express entry.
3. File online application

After you receive your IELTS score, fill the application here.

4. Wait for the draw

Usually, the draw is twice a month, keep a check on the website for the latest draw after your IELTS result here.

5. ITA (Invitation to Apply)

If your score is above the cut off, you will receive an email invitation from the Canadian government to apply for the express entry. Deadline to submit these documents is 60 days.

  • Verify educational certificates
    Sign up to WES Follow the process, pay the fee and courier all the academic certificates. You will need to visit your college or respective university to get transcripts of all the certificates you hold qualifications in. Transcript will be signed and stamped and sealed in an envelope. DO NOT open this envelope, or it will no longer be valid. Courier all of your transcript envelopes with all the required details mentioned on the courier package i.e. your wes number etc. Kindly read all the instructions on the website carefully before couriering
  • Medical
    There is a list of doctors/ clinics assigned for medical check up. Find one herePlease make an appointment in advance

  • Police verification certificate for all the countries you have lived in for over 6 months
  • Employment reference letters + payslip
  • Proof of funds. Check here
  • Passport size photo (check size specifications on mail)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport
  • Cover letter: It is better to have a cover letter mentioning all the documents you have attached

After the application is done, approximate wait time is around 6 months. If you are through, (which I hope you do!) you will receive an e-letter for one time entry to Canada. Take this to VFS Canada Consulate near you to get your passport stamped. It will take about 7 to 15 working days for your passport to arrive. Opt for sms notification about the passport status by VFS, it is hardly 150 INR.

Anddddddd, welcome to Canada!! Don’t forget to ping me once you arrive, coffee on me!

Also, I hope I have answered most of your doubts and made the process easier to understand. If you still have any doubts or need to ask something drop a comment below!

Here is a video guide with the exact same information:

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