I decided to switch off the idiot box, not open Netflix or any streaming apps and get series with life for once. Started waking up at 7:30 am and did everything I dream of doing as a “perfect routine” and I can’t even tell you so much of the difference it made to my life, energy levels and getting out of the laze-all-day zone. With the lockdown, the world has gone online like never before. Here are some apps and websites I have stuck to after trying and testing a bunch of others. P.S. none of the following are sponsored, I have been religiously using these for over a month and find them helpful.

1. HealthifyMe App

The app is available on iOS. and Android. It helps me track the amount of calories I consume in a day, and how much do consume for each meal. They also offer dietician services, personal trainer for a certain fee but I have been using the free version and it pretty much meets all my needs.

2. GOQii

GOQii app has live streaming classes from fitness, grooming, nutritionist experts from some of the most talented people in the industry. The coaches are live streaming so it helps you get answers for your questions instantly and with a new coach every 30 mins, there are classes almost throughout the day. They also have facilities of tracking water intake, tracking sleep cycle etc. GOQii store also lets you shop all your healthy needs along with sanitisation products. Also, I am a coach on GOQii as well! I go live at 8pm everyday (join in and say hi!)

3. Youtube

Yoga for weight loss
Workout: Jordan Yeoh Fitness. I am currently on Level 02: 20 minute fat burning videos

4. Skillshare

I have mentioned skillshare in one of my previous blogs. I am learning so much every passing day. Use my link and get 2 months of free membership.

5. Cook with Manali

With all of us becoming chefs now, I have been following recipes from Cook with Manali and pretty much liking all of what I have tried.

What are other online apps or websites you are hooked to that adds to your productive day? Share in the comments below!

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Top 5 Perfect Learning: Apps and Websites - Vishakha Sodha

Until next time,
Much love
Top 5 Perfect Learning: Apps and Websites - Vishakha Sodha