If you went through heartbreak or found a new love interest, got hired or fired, ups and downs in family, financial problems, friendship loss, death of someone you know, then I would really want you to read on.

All of us are waving adieu to 2019, with different emotions, not just because it is year-end, but a decade ends here. We are in a completely different place than we were last year on this same date, same time, aren’t we?

Went through a heartbreak

Losing someone you love for whatever reason, and if you are still mourning, it is your fault. Learn to love yourself first, make yourself the priority. Stop listening to sad songs, stop stalking them on social media, get a God-damn life and follow your passion. There is no love greater than self-love. But do not cross the thin line between self-love and obsession. Do not blame him/her. They did not put you through an awful time post your break heart, you did by holding onto something that just took your time and energy.

And go, fall in love again. Not everyone is the same person you dated.
Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Fell in love

To everyone who fell in love, yayyy!!!

Give in all of you, but never forget to love yourself first. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. More self-love, less the tolerance from people who do no good.

Travel, spend more time together in person than over social media conversations, be with each other in time and ditch your phones. Go for long drives, plan a cycling trip around town, learn dance, roll in for Zumba, sign up for nature trails, pitch a tent – go camping. There is so much more than cafes and movies.

You will learn a lot of new things that you would adore and you would hate, fall in love with all of it.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Got a new job!

Firstly, congratulations.

If this is your first job, welcome to the world of madness! Do not give up, it will help you shape up for your future, for your next job, prepare you to solve problems and stand up for yourself.

For new joiners and everyone else, stop cribbing about office politics. Everyone is in there to grow, earn more, get promoted. No one is there to build emotional relationships. Politics is unavoidable. Some do it for fun, to satisfy their entertainment needs (yea, we have such people), while some do it to reach their goals for promotion/raise, etc. This SHOULD NOT affect you. Keep going, keep working, do your own thing and nothing will stop you.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Got fired/facing work problems

I am aware of how your work-life situation can affect your overall mood, relationships with friends and family and literally everything connected to you. Hang in there, everything happens for some reason. And the only possible reason behind this: a much better opportunity is waiting for you out there. It might not come to you right away, but it will eventually.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Financial issues

Just like any other phase, everyone goes through a phase of financial ups and downs. Cut down on unwanted expenses. Do not give in to peer pressure for regular chilling sessions.  Plan your month well, divide the budgets for necessities and savings. Take up an extra freelance job for the weekends or post-work.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Lost a friend

This probably would hurt more than a breakup. Been a while, but a tear still drops, I still get emotional when I think of her, my best friend who I lost. Sometimes I feel I want to go back in time and work on things that were causing differences that eventually led to this day. I want to go back and slap her and myself and say “Stop being retards! You two love each other! Just hug it out” But I feel it’s too late, we have come beyond that point where we had so much right on each other. On the other hand, I feel, was it the same for her like it was for me? Did I mean so much to her as she did to me?

We make friends and lose friends throughout our journey in life, but we have some special ones who can never be replaced and that void stays forever. This is unlike losing a partner. This is more. So if you are on the verge of losing a friend right now, save it. Initiate conversations, sit down and talk, fix things.

If you have lost a friend already, try mending things at least once. It won’t be the same friendship it was earlier but at least start a conversation and let it grow again.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha


Everyone has a certain period to live, and that is decided before they come to being.

“Why him/her? Why not that other person who is pure evil? Why did a good soul have to die?” 

“He/she was so young!” and so much more.

A rush of thoughts and tears just doesn’t stop flooding our minds and hearts with everything negative and depressing at that moment, and for the coming weeks. But if something occurs, it has a reason. Nothing, simply nothing happens by chance.

If your loved one passed away without pain, without a struggle, be thankful that they had a peaceful death.

If they went through a lot before passing away, be thankful that their suffering has come to an end and they are at a much peaceful place.

Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

You are already set off to kickstart the new year and a new decade, just remember a few things:

  • Have courage to say goodbye to toxic people
  • Learn to say no
  • Put yourself first
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Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha

Have a great 2020! Until next blog,

Much love,
Adieu 2019 - Vishakha Sodha