Year ends with varied emotions and like every year we expect the upcoming year to be better and nicer. Similarly was 2019. Little did we know of what a turmoil 2020 is going to be with a series of events which are no news to anyone.

With a lot of memes around the internet of deleting the year 2020, it will never erase itself from our memories. Half a year has passed already and here is a quick look at everything that has gone wrong until now: (I did not mention the number of deaths and injuries on purpose. I didn’t have the heart to.)

2020 : Memories that shouldn’t be recalled!
  1. Australia bushfire
    Bushfires have had regular occurrences in Australia but this year with severe drought and record-breaking temperature, hot and windy climate conditions lead the authorities of Australian Capital Territory to declare a state of emergency. Along with burning down the flora and fauna and significant loss of property and human life it also caused the death of over 1.25 billion animals

  2. US kills Iranian General Qasem Soleimani
    US strikes over an international airport, which was solely targeted to attack on General Qasem Soleimani but it also caused a lot of damage by killing local innocent people and members of the Iranian Government.
  3. Volcano eruption in Philippines

    Taal volcano of the Philippines went to a level 5 alert of volcano blast within a day causing numerous earthquakes surrounding the volcano area. Evacuation process was quick with minimal damage to life with 39 deaths but it will leave a long term impact among kids and elderly people with respiratory problems.

  4. CoronaVirus

    A virus that started in Wuhan China changed the way people lived. With the ever increasing number of deaths (last checked: 408k deaths worldwide) and infected humans the year has come to a stand still. Deaths, market crash, hiring freeze, salary cuts, lay offs, immigrants suffering without food and shelter, business shut down, the list is never ending.

  5. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce they are stepping down from their duties as senior royals in Buckingham Palace.

    Unhappy fulfilling their duties as royals, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry received mixed reactions from the people. But leaving Buckingham Palace to prioritize family and their mental health, that’s one commendable move.

  6. Iran launched missiles at 2 military bases in Iraq injuring American soldiers

    After the attack on General Qasem Soleimani this was another attempt from Iraq to launch missiles to attack American soldiers.

  7. Ukrainian flight crash

    The initial report of “technical error” was investigated further to find out that the plane was unintentionally taken down by two misiles from Iran. This “unintentional” mistake took life of 176 people

  8. Kobe Bryant  and daughter killed in helicopter crash

    Among a lot of human life loss, some major media personalities lost their lives. Kobe Bryant and daughter we killed in a helicopter crash. We lost Rishi Kapoor to Leukemia on 30th April and Irfan Khan to Neuroendocrine tumor on 29th April.

  9. Brexit official
    After over a year long delay, the UK finally stopped being a member of the EU on 23rd January 2020. Here is everything you need to know
  10. Market crash
    COVID-19 is stated to be a major reason for the crash. The world economy is going through a ‘synchronized slowdown’ as per the IMF report. Read more
  11. Migrant crisis in India
    Thousands of migrant workers in India lost their jobs which resulted in no income and hence no house and food availability. The workers had to migrate back to their villages and with minimal to no help from the government the workers we left out in the open without any supplies, food or help. The large group gatherings also resulted in a rise in the number of virus infections.
  12. Cyclones in India

    The sudden change in weather caused disruption and damage to all the seasonal crops, housing and retail stores.

  13. Gas Leak in Visakhapatnam, India

    A gas leak occurred from a petrol station by accident resulting in a high toxic component being released into the air which caused 11 deaths and over 1000’s fell sick. A whole village near Visakhapatnam was affected because of the gas leak.

  14. Locust attack in South Asia and East Africa

    Locust swarms were affecting at least 23 countries by distributing the food crops. The land which was disturbed by the locust infections can not be harvested, resulting in food shortage.

  15. Floods in Indonesia

    The new year started on a flood note in Indonesia. January 1, 2020 overnight rains caused 15 inch of water overflowing Ciliwung and Cisadane rivers. Landslides, Hypothermia, drowning and electrocution lead to about 80 deaths in 10 days and  over 60,000 people displaced.

  16. Air crash in Pakistan

    Despite crashing in a residential area, there was no loss of human life on ground but 97 passengers and crew on the plane lost their lives. The reason for the crash is still being investigated

  17. Earthquake in Turkey and Carribean
    On February 23, 2020 a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck near the Turkish border with Iran. 9 people were killed and caused injury to more than 100 people and damaged over thousands of buildings.
  18. Olympics postponed first time in human history
    Just another major event that was affected by the virus. Never ever in the history of 124 years has the Olympics been postponed. The 2020 Olympics will now be held in 2021.
  19. Russia oil spill
    A tank burst leading to diesel fuel spill resulting in a release of 150,000 barrels of diesel in Pyasino river affecting a lot of fishes and natural environment.
  20. Uttarakhand forest fire

    The fire went on for over 4 days, destroying about 50 acres of land. Uttarakhand witness about 46 wildfires since 2020 causing a major loss of human life, wildlife and land

  21. Gas plant explosion in Nigeria

    The Lagos gas blast killed 15 people and over 50 residential buildings were destroyed. The fire started with little smoke and in just a blink of an eye the fire spread across the nearby houses.

  22. USA unites to fight racism

    People in the USA are actively using their voice against racism defying all BlackLivesMatter and by holding protests in support of George Floyd.

This doesn’t end here, there is something more I’d want you to know.

… to be continued.

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